VIVONEX Plus Unflavored Elemental Powder 6-2.8 oz. Packs

Complete enteral nutrition. For oral or tube feeding. An effective alternative to TPN. Nutrition Information: Vivonex Plus formula is a high-nitrogen, elemental (100% free amino acids) diet for total enteral nutrition. The Vivonex elemental diet is an effective alternative for total parenteral nutrition (TPN), except in patients where enteral feeding may be contraindicated (ie, less than 60 cm of functioning small intestine). In standard dilution, Vivonex Plus formula provides 1 calorie per mL or 300 calories per packet, distributed as 13.5 g (18 %) of protein (as amino acids). 57.0 g (76%) of carbohydrate, and 2.0 g (6 %) of fat. Product of USA.