The Little Potato Company Potatoes, Fresh Creamer, Lemon & Garden Herb

Fresh creamer potatoes with seasoning pack. A delicate complement of garden herbs, with a gentle hint of lemon. 70 calories (114 g serving/portion). Gluten free. Vegan. Source of potassium. This tray holds 3 cups of vegetables. Each serving is a good source of 3 essential nutrients - potassium, vitamin B6 and B5. New. 5 mins microwave ready. 3 cups of vegetables per tray. No artificial colors or flavors. Since 1996, we have harvested our proprietary Creamer potatoes only when they are mature - richest in flavor and texture, and at their nutritional best. And we further ensure all the food in this package is clean - no added artificial colors or flavors. As a mother, I promise there is nothing we serve you that I wouldn't serve my own family. Angela Santiago, co-founder and CEO. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Twitter. Pinterest. BPA free.