The Daily Crave Veggie Skinniez, Chili Lime

100% All Natural: lower fat, vegan, kosher, halal, non GMO, no MSG, no dairy, no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavors or coloring, no hydrogenated fats, 0 g trans fats. Second edition. Breaking news. Give in to your cravings! MMA Fight Night: Local news. Hot topic. Performance enhancing substance? Snacks reputed to increase reaction speed. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Crave, Brazilian mixed martial arts champion Roberto Cinza openly attributed his legendary quickness to his favorite vegetable snacks. The fact that I like crunchy veggie morsels conflicts with my macho image, Roberto confesses. But I have to give credit where it's due. Rumor has it that Roberto's arch rival American mixed martial arts champion Dan Pierce, ahs not begun consuming the same brands of snacks. Also available in 6 oz & 20 oz bags! Facebook. Twitter. Made in USA.