Gum Hydral Daily Oral Rinse, Gentle Mint

Dry mouth relief. Moisturizes. Soothes. Freshens. Symptom relief & comfort up to 4 hours. New. GUM Hydral Oral Rinse soothes oral irritation and relieves dry mouth symptoms by mimicking the moistening effects of natural saliva. Our gentle formula instantly creates a moisture shield in your mouth and provides symptom relief and comfort up to 4 hours (Date on File: DOF-0026). Low irritation formula. Alcohol free. Questions: 1-888-777-3101. Discover other moisturizing products in the Gum Hydral Dry Mouth Relief range: Moisturizing Spray - ideal for on-the-go relief, Oral Gel - ideal for night time or under dentures, Toothpaste - gentle formulation for cavity protection. Made in the USA.