Wholesome Sweetener Blend, Organic, Zero Calorie, Monk Fruit

0 g net carbs (Total carb 4 g - 4 g sugar alcohol = 0 g net carbs). USDA Organic. Certified Organic by: Quality Assurance International. This product is Keto Certified. ketostandard.com. Vegan. New! Sweetens like sugar. Mindfully delicious. Sweet is always better when it's wholesome. That's why we only use real and recognizable ingredients in our organic, better-for-you products. Every drop, spoonful and snack from Wholesome is always delicious. And by choosing Wholesome you are helping to make life sweeter for all. Wholesome has created a deliciously sweet zero calorie sweetener blend of organic monk fruit and organic erythritol to achieve amazing flavor without the guilt. If you are avoiding sugar or carbs, but crave sweetness without the bitter aftertaste, then the Wholesome Organic Monk Fruit Blend was made for you. Try it in coffee, tea, smoothies or on cereal. It's great for low card baking too. 1 cup Organic Monk Fruit sweetens like 1 cup refined sugar. No glycemic impact. WholesomeSweet.com. how2recyclye.com. For delicious recipes, visit WholesomeSweet.com.