Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix, Buttermilk, Carb-Conscious

14 g protein. 15 g net carbs. No sugar added. Non GMO. Crafted with 100% whole grains. Protein-packed. Whole grain taste better. Great Taste, Less Carbs: Keep your lower-carb goals on track with Kodiak Cakes Carb-Conscious Flapjack & Waffle Mix. Finding a nourishing, filling breakfast that taste good is tough to come by on a lower-carb diet. We put the axe to the grind and crafted a balanced flapjack and waffle mix that significantly reduces the carb while maintaining that rich Kodiak Cakes flavor. Combine that with 14 grams of protein, no added sugar and a wholesome mix of flours, and you have a balanced meal that fuels you through a tough workout, long workday, or rugged outdoor adventure. Restoring the Flapjack Tradition: Way back when, lumberjacks and pioneers with protein and essential nutrients from whole grains to get them through long days on the frontier. Though most of us have traded in our axes for laptops, we still crave delicious nourishing food. Kodiak Cakes flapjack and waffle mix is meant for those of us who, like the rugged pioneers exploring the untamed wilderness, require nutrition and great taste to successfully navigate today's frontier. Nourishment for today's frontier. Made with freshly ground grains and no preservatives. kodiakcakes.com. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Pinterest. Kodiak Cakes started out of a red wagon. Learn our story and join our adventure at kodiakcakes.com. We can tell you like to get to the bottom of things. Learn more about our story at kodiakcakes.com. Forage for more recipes at kodiakcakes.com. Grizzly Bear and Wildlife Foundations: Were committed to keeping the frontier wild for future generations. Your purchase helps us support foundations that protect grizzly bears and other wildlife habitats around the country. Carton made with recycled paper. Please recycle.