Starkist Creations Microwavables Tuna, Thai Green Curry

Wild tuna, rice, green chili, lime juice, coconut milk & lemongrass. 160 calories. 10 g protein. Soy free. Fully cooked. Enjoy heated or unheated. Flavor fresh pouch. StarKist: Flavor fresh pouch. Thai Green Curry Tuna: With a perfect pairing of green chili and coconut milk, our Thai Green Curry Tuna hails from halfway around the world to deliver a delicately sweet and spicy flavor. All you need to do is just tear, heat and go! Dolphin safe. Wild caught. Find all of our flavors and great recipes at Also try: Creations Microwavables Tuna Tomato Basil. Creations Microwavables Tuna Spicy Rice & Beans. Creations Microwavables Tuna Latin Citrus.