Noble Vines Pinot Grigio, 152, Monterey County, 2019

The legacy of the world's noblest vines is written in numbers. These numbers identify superior wine stocks that, over centuries, have been proven to produce exceptional wines. Behind these red numbers is a noble legacy. Pinot Grigio 152 vine stock originated in the great vineyards of Alsace, France, where the variety holds a designation as one of the region's four officially noble grapes. Esteemed by nobility for centuries, certain superior vine stocks has proved their exceptional quality over time. Noble Vines takes the best of these vine stocks - identified today by number - and cultivates them in California. Grown on our estate in vineyard in Monterey County, California, it yields a crisp, medium-bodied wine with silky peach, green apple and tangerine flavors. Pair with chicken, seafood and light pastas. Sustainability - quality - family. Alcohol 13.5% by volume. 27 Vinted and bottled by Noble Vines Manteca, California.